About 5 years ago, I started using Identifix Direct-Hit. It helped my techs cut to the chase and repair many weird problems correctly the first time. As technology advanced and computers started sharing functions in many different systems, finding the actual problem became easier and more profitable using Identifix. As a result of subscribing to Identifix, my bottom line has improved by as much as 20% each month, and customer satisfaction is at an all-time high. I recommend this service to anyone who wants to run a more profitable shop.

Mike Schiller, Golden Nugget Automotive
Gardnerville, Nevada

Our Company has been using Identifix for a little over a year now. We have definitely noticed an increase in preventative maintenance sales as well as our techs having greater success with difficult repair situations. We pride ourselves on having some of the best technicians in the industry and having the type of information that Identifix provides at the tip of our fingers definitely assists our shops in running more efficiently and in turn raises tech productivity. Many of our customers have commented that they love the information that is provided to them after going over the Factory Scheduled Maintenance report with them. We believe in the tool and will continue using Identifix to further our success and to assist us in offering great customer service.

Mike Matesic, Beverly Tire & Auto
Barrie, Ontario

Having access to dealer information is key to our business, and the amount of information available in Identifix with OEM Direct is staggering. Using our other online resource can sometimes be cumbersome and tedious, but accessing diagnostic and repair information in Identifix’s Hotline Archives is incredible. I am a big believer that the person with the most information wins, and we look forward to our continued relationship with Identifix.

David Dansereau, LAD’s Auto
Calgary, Alberta

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